Why You Need at Least Three Jars of Honey

Research shows that most households do have a supply of honey on hand. In most cases, that probably consists of a small jar (or plastic bear) in a kitchen cupboard or pantry. Having honey on hand in the kitchen is a fantastic idea. Honey is an ideal sweetener that offers numerous nutritional benefits over the white sugar alternative.

However, that one jar of honey really isn't enough. You might need two containers. You could even use three.

What would you do with three different jars of honey? Let's take a look.

Jar One: The Kitchen

This is the obvious honey jar. If you are being smart about your health and the flavor of your food, you will want to make sure you have a big jar of honey on hand in the kitchen.

Honey is a tasty treat on its own and can be put to simple use in many different ways. Consider topping some ice cream with a ribbon of honey instead of hot fudge, or adding a squirt of the golden liquid to your breakfast yogurt, for instance.

However, honey is also valuable in more complicated recipes and should be used in place of sugar whenever possible. Your cookie and baked good recipes may require some slight adjustments, but the finished products will be exceptional. Honey is a prefect ingredient in a host of other dishes, too.

You definitely want to have a jar of honey in the kitchen, but you will want to make sure you use it whenever possible. The taste and nutritional value make it a "can't-miss" proposition.

Jar Two: The Medicine Cabinet

Honey isn't just a great food product. It is also an awesome home remedy. Honey can be used to reduce coughs, cure bladder infections and more. Let's take a quick look at some of the many maladies subject to treatment with honey.

Some claim that arthritis pain can be eliminated with frequent honey intake. Honey contains an antibacterial agent that makes it a nice addition to remedies targeted at infections, too. A glass of warm water featuring honey and some cinnamon can be used to fight bladder infection, for instance.

Honey has been linked to reduced cholesterol levels, which can decrease the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Honey is also a source of antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and fend off dangerous free radicals.

Honey is an ideal topical treatment for sunburn, burns and minor abrasions. It seals off the area from foreign substances, fights infections and more.

Jar Three: The Vanity

Honey is tasty. Honey is medicinal. Honey is also a great way to improve one's good looks and hygiene. It is a frequently used ingredient in a variety of health and beauty aids. Whether consumed as a mouthwash or applied to the hair in order to increase shine, honey can contribute to one's beauty regimen.

Honey is well-suited for use in a great variety of skin products. It cleanses and moisturizes, leaving skin clean, soft and supple. Honey is used in facial masks, skin lotions and face cleansers with other natural ingredients. These homemade beauty aids generally cost much less than the store-bought variety, are all natural and tend to actually work better than what you might find on the shelves of your local department store.

Honey also does wonder for the hair. Some people use a hair shiner based on honey that is applied after washing. Others are believers in pre-wash hair conditioners that use honey. Some maintain that a special honey-based paste can keep hair loss at bay.

If you want to get the most out of honey, you might need to increase your supply. Three jars will probably make far more sense than one! If you are interested in learning more about honey and its numerous uses, seek out a solid reference guide that covers honey's many uses.

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